Having a bath is such a simple act of self care, by simply emersing yourself in water you are instantly grounding your body and reconnecting to the earth. Which in itself is very balancing for the body.

There are a few simple things you can do to increase the healing potential of your bath time. My partner has his bath so hot I’m not sure how he doesn’t boil, personally I love a warm bath it helps retain the skins moisture, a bath that’s too hot according to dermatologists can strip the skin of natural oils. Whatever your preference the temperature should feel comfortable and relaxing to you.

How is the Health of Your Water?

If your water is particularly high in chlorine, (you can normally smell it or perhaps your skin is drier than it should be) which is super drying on the skin and a toxic burden on the body, we would suggest adding Vitamin C tablets or a small amount of Citric acid. It’s a strong anti oxidant that will help neutralise. Sprinkle in a full bath and be sure to mix through.

Bubbles or Bath Oil?

How about both? In these winter months especially I always search for bubble bath without SLS as this can leave your skin feeling dry and scaly, its tricky as SLS as amnestying ingredients job is to create bubbles. Two products I love are Neals Yard & Neom both already have beautiful essential oils in to calm the nervous system and really help you to relax.

Bath oil is lovely especially something with Squalane in its so nourishing and supports the skins natural barrier. Add a couple of pipettes of Jasmine Lavender & Cedarwood or Orange and Neroli to experience the benefits of both essential oils and Squalane.

Why are Epsom Salts so Great?

One of the best ways of getting magnesium into the body, the skin is up to 100x more absorbent than the digestive system (which is why we take so much care of what we put into Kyushi skincare, we only want to the good stuff going near our skin) its estimated that 75% of the population are deficient in Magnesium which is crucial for over 300 biochemical reactions within the body. Such as muscular and nervous system relaxation, reduced anxiety and blood pressure. They also don’t have to be super fancy, you can buy them pre essential oils which are cheaper, you could add in a few drops of Lavender Jasmine & Cedarwood for its calming properties.

Setting the Scene

If your bathroom lights like ours are super dazzling and not relaxing at all why not get some candles and pop them around, find a relaxing playlist and pop it on. I always have a glass of water on hand, really great to rehydrate if you start getting too hot.

If you tend to get bored in the bath take a lovely book in with you, just try not to drop it.

Some Skin & Hair Love at the Same Time

Whilst you’re relaxing in the bath it’s the perfect time to do a lovely face and hair mask. Pop on your favourites and just before you step in have a facecloth on hand to remove while you’re in the bath.

Bath Aftercare

After stepping out of the bath and towel drying its the perfect time to give your skin a spritz of something lovely with some hyraulonic acid in which is super hydrating, popping on your favourite Kyushi facial oil and a lovely hydrating body oil.


Happy Relaxing,

Sending Love x