So one of your burning questions was what do I eat and drink to get glowing skin?

I’m a big believer that not only do you need amazing skincare that works for your individual skin type and a great cleansing ritual, you also need to address some other areas of your life, from stress to diet. We have a skin quiz on the website to help point you in the right direction but do reach out if you’re struggling, as a trained Health Coach, Facialist and Green Makeup artist I love helping you figure out any skin issues you’re having, theres a lot we can do from afar just pop me over an email.

Ok so what do I recommend for glowing skin, now I don’t want to lose you one paragraph in by saying leafy greens so il start with hot chocolate, or chocolate milkshake depending on the weather. 

Now I’ve drunk this at least 5 days a week for a year, maybe 2 years. It hasn’t made me fat, remember good fat doesn’t make you fat. I used to drink it when I was working on a film set mainly, we normally get up really early before your tummy is really ready to accept food and probably hasn’t finished digesting dinner, its England so its normally cold out and its such a comforting drink to sip normally out of one of those keep it hot cups over the next few hours. My brain wakes up, my stomach feels soothed and I feel less like I’ve been hit by a truck and more like I can at least attempt to do my job with some grace and alertness. 

Ive handed this recipe out over the past year to pretty much everyone I’ve met, as a chocolate lover myself spreading the joy of daily hot chocolate thats good for you brings me joy. If you’re a fellow makeup artist or in any industry where you run out of time to eat, make this in the morning in a keep hot cup it will keep you going a treat. Everyone I’ve given it to loves it and says its such a game changer. Its now known as the Kyushi Wellness Hot Chocolate. 

Ok so why is this so good in comparison to your standard off the shelf hot chocolate, off the shelf is laden with sugar, cocoa (different) and normally a lot of preservatives and dairy all of which can play havoc with your skin. Where as every ingredient in this drink has health benefits from cacao which is jam packed with antioxidants and we know by now that these antioxidants help hoover up those free radicals making us age prematurely and help boost cell renewal, MCT oil which is basically brain food, adaptogenic Mushrooms (now actually being put into skincare formulations) tackles everything from inflammation to your immune system two things if controlled and supported leads to glowing skin. 

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The basic recipe for one cup is:

1 tbsp Cacao Powder

4/5 Cacao Butter drops 

1 tsp MCT oil 

2 tbsp Coconut Milk 

Enough Hot water to make enough for your drinking vessel 

Put all in a blender/bullet/mixer and whizz up so its frothy and amazing. 

To super charge it add in some or all :

An adaptogenic mushroom mix as per bottle its normally 1/2 tsp

1/2 tsp Turmeric & Black pepper

1/2 tsp Ceylon Cinnamon

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp vanilla powder 

1 tsp Maca powder

1 tsp Ashwaghanda powder

1 tsp grassfed collagen powder

Vegetarian Alternative Collagen 

1 tsp grassfed butter 

If you have a sweet tooth add in a tsp of good quality local honey or Manuka honey with a high MGO rating (it is expensive but does make honey healthy woop woop) but look to reduce this over time. 

I have all of the above, do the same thing pop it all in a blender and whizz up until its frothy and amazing. If you’re only going to add in one extra thing make it the adaptogenic mushroom mix start there and build up your collection. 

If you want to have this cold. You can either make it in advance and store it in the fridge or remove MCT and Cacao drops and blend with plant based milk of your choice. 

I want to talk to you a bit more about the adaptogens I mentioned above:

Ashwaghanda contains antioxidants along with high levels of alkaloids which act on the nervous system and lower stress. Lowered stress levels give your body more energy to do its daily functions properly and remain in rest and digest its healing mode – which gives it time to balance your hormones and detoxify your body properly leaving your skin and breakouts well alone.

Maca, now personally the smell of Maca does not bring me any joy but mixed in the mix I cant taste it or smell it, I dont think its actually that bad in reality but its just one of those things that get me, this drink actually all began with Maca, I used to have a blend of coconut milk Maca and cacao before bed. Its most marketable skill is that it helps to regulate your hormones, especially great for PMS, Endometriosis sufferers. Its incredibly nutrient dense, and again rich in vitamins and antioxidants – key for collagen production and hoovering up free radicals.

There are SO many amazing adaptogens out there, I encourage you to do some research and see what you feel your body might need right now, Ive got a cupboard full of different ones and il pop in whichever one I feel I need at the time. 

Some excellent resources are