For this weeks mindful moment I handed over the reigns to my wonderful hair & makeup assistant Kiloh for a different  perspective, we are working on the road together, we have different skin types, preferences and opinions, I learn as much if not more from her as she does me. I love being able to share this with you, Thankyou so much for writing this for us Kiloh. I hope you all Enjoy x


Working in film involves a lot of long days and early mornings and often when you come back home or to the hotel room you’re totally exhausted and want to go straight to bed. In the past when I was super busy or exhausted I would fall straight into bed and neglect my skincare, which would lead to breakouts and me waking up with puffy skin and dark circles you could see from miles away! Nowadays I’ve tried to simplify things for myself to help me keep on top of my skincare when I am short on time. These are five tips I have for looking after your skin when you’re just too tired.


Get enough sleep

Good sleep is so important. It can be difficult to get enough sleep when you’re super busy but strive to get your 6-8 hours and your skin will really thank you. When you’re sleeping your skin cells regenerate and your body starts producing collagen, which helps keep skin plump and hydrated. Getting enough sleep will help keep your dark circle at bay and keep your skin looking happy.


Simplify your routine

When you’re short on time a multi-step skincare routine can be overwhelming. Hone down your routine to a few good quality products. A basic routine only needs a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF plus any treatments that work for your skin. When you’re short on time it’s best to cut out the unnecessary face masks, toners and additional serums and acids. Instead focusing on one or two active ingredients or treatments to use in the evening will save you a lot of time. Then on your days off you can incorporate any more time consuming treatments like a chemical exfoliation. Another way to simplify things is to put your evening skincare next to your bed so that when you flop down on the bed after a long day it’s all in arm’s reach.


Focus on your night routine

In the morning you want to spend as much time in bed as possible and having a quick AM routine can be a godsend. Your morning routine can be as simple as washing your face with water, moisturising and SPF. If you’re particularly strapped for time you can find an SPF product that also works as a moisturiser or use a tinted moisturiser with SPF to skip a step of your makeup routine too. Multi-purpose products are a great way to include lots of fab ingredients in a short routine. I love to use a cleaner with salicylic acid to help manage my breakouts. You can also find moisturisers with good active ingredients to get multiple benefits from your skincare.


Nourish your body

It’s no secret that what’s happening on the inside affects how we look on the outside. The way you look after your body during the day is always important for healthy skin but particularly when you have less time to focus on skincare. Making sure that you’re drinking enough water during the day and eating a balanced diet full of green veg will help your skin stay glowing and show less signs of stress and fatigue.


Focus on minimising your stress

Easier said than done sometimes! Stress is one of the biggest culprits for breakouts and sad looking skin. When I’m super busy, even when I don’t realise I’m feeling stressed, my skin starts popping up with spots. Anything you can do to help ease your stress will have a massive impact on your skin. Meditating, journalling, getting out in nature or whatever works for you will help keen you and your skin happy.


Kiloh Falby Clark – Hair and Makeup Artist