Book Your Own Mindful Moment with Kyushi Founder Alice Moore

Alice has opened her diary up for a limited time for 1-1 online sessions of both Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha and Lymphatic drainage tutorials. This is an opportunity to learn some techniques Alice uses both personally and professionally and recommends them as part of your Kyushi ritual. Its a chance to learn some true self care techniques to not only care for your amazing body both internally and externally but a moment to dedicate to yourself which in turn will lower stress levels and soothe your nervous system.

Bespoke Online Facial Reflexology Session – 45 mins

In this session Alice will have an in depth consultation with you about any areas within your body that feel out of balance. Following the Consultation she will create a personalised ‘map’ covering all the reflexology points on the face that need to be focused on for the following 21 days.

The beauty of this ancient therapy is that you can carry it out yourself In its most simple terms it is sending a message from the outside of the body inwards. Alice will then go through the full treatment with you, ensuring you learn the technique properly. You will receive a follow up email and your personalised face map to follow.

This technique is simple yet powerful and only requires minutes each day if thats all you have and the results are remarkable. You do not require a specialist tool for this, any object with a small rounded end will work perfectly, the end of a makeup brush a rounded end of a pen for example, in a time where were finding that less is more its quite refreshing to be able to suggest finding an object you already own. To find out more about Facial Reflexology read below or to book a session click the button below:

Bespoke Online Facial Reflexology Session – 45 mins

In this session Alice will work with you and teach you how to perform facial lymphatic drainage on yourself something you can practice daily, perfect for helping to move any inflammation and clear the lymph before the Gua Sha.

She will then talk you though how to correctly use your gua sha tool at home, to sculpt and define, brighten and stimulate. This is an excellent practice to incorporate into your facial routine. Ending with a facial massage and lymphatic drainage.

In order to book into this session you will need a Facial Gua Sha tool there are many available online for an array of prices. It you need guidance do reach out to us. To learn more about Gua Sha and Lymphatic drainage read below, or to book in with Alice click the button below:

Learn More about Facial Reflexology



Alice is trained in a form of reflexology called Dien Chan Zone, and similar to reflexology on the feet it allows us to work on creating balance within the body through an external passageway balancing the Qi (chi) the energy within and surrounding the body.

This technique is beautiful, powerful and allows us to work on all aspects of the body from the digestive system, productive system to the nervous system. The latter is something coming up for a lot of clients in this time. The beauty of facial reflexology is that it is easily practised on yourself, unlike foot reflexology so allows you to continue your treatment at home.

The recommended time of self treatment is 21 days post consultation and in depth treatment with a practitioner. With this online training we guide you through tapping into your para sympathetic nervous system followed by helping the areas you need at this time. Before the session its important to create a calm space that allows you to disengage from distractions and really spend some time before the session listening to your body and focusing on how you feel, disregarding any labels.

‘Dien Chan’ is a form of reflexology. Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is rebalanced. More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targeted organ or area.

There is a database in the brain within which all the organs of the body are coded to their correct function. This database is triggered by the stimulation of certain points and areas to signal a reminder that something has been modified to affect this function. And thus the correct functioning can, when possible, be restored.

Dien Chan or ‘Vietnamese Facial Reflexology’ was established by Professor Bui Quoch Chau in Vietnam.

This reflexology remains unique within its genre for a number of reasons:

  • It is performed in the presence of all 5 sense organs simultaneously.
  • It allows anyone to work on themselves independently, at any time and to combat any symptom in their body, every day, as often as they choose.


The technique was invented in Vietnam through the use of needles on the face but was always intended primarily to reach everyone – accessible health care and disease prevention. The Vietnamese were already working with the face to resolve health problems for hundreds and thousands of years. Indeed, facial massage remains and popular aspect of their culture today.

Building upon this local behaviour, Professor Chau studied a grid of infinite points and maps (a departure from ancient knowledge) to decipher how the internal organs are placed upon, and connected to, the face. His brilliant and modern intuition led to the depiction of maps for the face and also the body. There in, Dien Chan in its full application is a ‘multi-reflexology’.

As it was designed, this technique is perfect for the population it was born to. However, valid techniques and valid medicines cross the confines dictated by men, by time and by space; they remain useful beyond their origin.

It should be recognised that in the Orient such therapies are performed in a manner much more invasive than is normal in the West. If we want therefore to save them and to render them viable here, we must translate them to meet the needs of the population with which we wish to share it.

This has been our work; the mission of Beatrice and Vittorio, the duty of the academy, our story: to find the correct language and order so that this technique would not be lost or wasted in the West. It has been an attempt to return it to everyone, not modified but re-implimented and de-coded and named Dien Chan Zone®.