The absolute must have facial tool to retain skin health and balance. This is my ABSOLUTE go to tool for herself and clients. With consistent daily use of 8 – 12 minutes you will see an increase of collagen production which greatly improves elasticity, decreases fine lines and wrinkles. The skins ability to retain hydration is greatly improved means it appears fuller, smoother and the tone more even. Great for any skin type, helping to reduce scarring, pigmentation and inflammation.


Evidence based results for the skin include:

  • Improves skin complexion
  • The reduction of scar tissue
  • Reduction of wound healing time
  • Promotes lymphatic Flow
  • Increased circulation


Some extra added evidence based benefits whilst using on the face include:

  • Increases energy production within the cells
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms
  • Regulates circadian rhythm
  • Improves Thyroid function
  • Increases micro circulation to the brain for improved cognitive performance


You can use it anywhere on the body for even more evidence based benefits including:

  • Boosting immune function
  • Improving respiratory conditions
  • Supporting bone growth and repair
  • Regulating genes for healing
  • Regeneration of red blood cells
  • Boost Kidney & Liver function
  • Aiding Detoxification
  • Reducing post exercise recovery time


When we are travelling I find a good spot I can rest it, plug it in and sit in front of it, if using at home id recommend hanging it with the provided hanging equipment usually on the back of a door. Pop on some music or a podcast and you’re good to go!


The Sciencey Stuff!

Our Red Light Therapy uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) to release red light of 2 different wavelengths, 660nm and 850nm (nanometers). We see red at sunrise and sunset because red light is the longest wavelength of visible light emitted by the sun. This means that it has the highest penetration through the earths protective atmosphere and therefore is the wavelength that we see when the sun is low in the sky. The others simply get bounced off the earths atmosphere. It is for this reason that red light is a good choice, the longer wave length means it can penetrate further into our body and deliver more light energy in the form of Photons. The Photons of the visible red light being a shorter wave length (660nm) get absorbed in the dermis and epidermis of the skin. The non visible red light (850nm) is a longer wavelength and penetrates further into the body before the energy is absorbed which radiates the deeper tissues.

Although the actual biological action of this absorbed energy is still hotly debated the effect is multifold. When the red light is absorbed by our tissues and cells it improves the ability of the mitochondria to utilise oxygen for fuel. This makes us more energy efficient meaning that we produce more energy for less work. The more energy our cells have the better they do their jobs and the better they do their jobs the healthier the cells and the tissues comprised of those cells will be.

It has also been shown to improve the regulation of the genes used to bring fuel into our cells, get rid of waste products and buffer those nasty free radicals that age us and our skin. One of the many things that happens when our cells are under stress from the onslaught of toxins and pathogens that we are exposed to today is that our cell membranes (the wall of our cells) become more rigid. This make it harder for things that shouldn’t be in our cells to get out of our cell and less nutrients are absorbed in to our cell. This is a safety mechanism called the ‘Cell Danger Response’. Imagine a virus or bacteria being in our cells, our body wants to keep it there and isolate it for our immune system to tackle it. If the cell were to let it out then it would be free to roam and infect other cells. If our cells are under a prolonged low grade chronic (long term) infection or there are toxins that our immune system can just not tackle then our cells stay in the “cell danger response”. This causes them to be unable to use nutrients and oxygen properly and also get rid of waste products which leads to a deterioration in health of the cell.

Through the gene regulation mentioned above red light therapy flips this switch allowing oxygen to enter and waste products out. This then enables the elimination of toxins or the destruction of the pathogens by our immune system which helps to restore the long term health of the tissues.


How do I use it?

You simply, hold, hang or place the red light approximately 30cm (6 inches) away from your skin. There are 2 switches one for the 660nm lights and one for the 850nm lights. We recommend turning on both as why miss out on the superficial skin benefits of the 660nm or the deeper tissue and lymphatic support offered by the 850nm. Once the device is running (or just prior) set your timer for between 8-12 minutes.

Our device is made of 60 x 5w LED’s (300W total). It can run on 100-240 Volts ~ 50-60Hz. It has not been tested for safety during Pregnancy so we suggest you do not use if you are pregnant. Although there are no other absolute contraindications we recommend caution and advice should be sought before using if you are, taking steroids or medications that increase sensitivity to light, or you suffer from a photosensitive condition.


Sending Love


Alice x