After almost a year in yoyo lockdown how is it really affecting our skin?

Three factors Ive been coming up against time and time again with clients skin journeys are:


The number one factor for causing us a multitude of problems internally resulting in unbalanced skin externally. If like me you really hate the feeling of the unknown and that alone stresses you out its such a tricky one to manage here a my top lockdown stress busting tips:

  • Limit looking at the news to once a day ideally in the morning. That includes, watching or scrolling. If you have your news alerts on switch them off. The noise alone causes a micro stress within the body. Whilst its really important to remain up to date with what’s happening in the world in terms of what rules and guidelines we need to follow. In this situation the future is out of our hands and no amount of worry will change the immediate future.
  • Bubble bath – A Bubble bath is calming, grounding and really puts your body into rest and digest read here all about my perfect bubble bath.
  • Winter Walks Have you tried mindful walking? Its so fabulous it really engages our childlike brain, simplifying thought and reducing stress. If you can get a walk in the winter sun even better!


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Hand in hand with stress is normally disrupted sleep, sleep is when our body gets all of its regenerating done, like

creating collagen to keep our skin looking healthy & radiant. Here are my top tips for ensuring a good night sleep:

  • Bedroom Feng Sui – Keep your bedroom free from anything related to work, or anything stressful, your bedroom should be a a calming sanctuary, free from clutter. I have a lovely salt lamp I turn on a little while before bed, when I go up to bed it looks so relaxing and spa like I can’t wait to get all tucked up
  • Essential Oils- An essential oil diffuser or a pillow spray can be a really great way of creating lovely calming aromatherapy experience before bed. Also using Kyushi Jasmine Lavender and Cedarwood face oil before you go to bed with a lovely relaxing facial massage is a winner too.
  • Apps – If you’re really struggling whilst I don’t love the idea of a phone in a bedroom, there are some wonderful apps like headspace and calm which have meditations, sleep stories and even simple sounds to help transition into the peaceful world of sleep.

Kyūshi Jasmine Lavender & Cedarwood Duo Set.

Diet & Nutrition

When we’re stuck in our houses for weeks on end the danger is that w

e fall into an unstructured routine of snacking rather than having balanced meals. This can leave us consuming high sugar, carb heavy foods missing out on vital nutrients from leafy greens, vegetables and fruits.

If like us you wake up and you’re not ready for breakfast we start with a coffee and the Kyushi Green Tea Matcha – (Get the recipe here) maybe a cheeky biscuit I love these, then have a really well rounded brunch loaded with veggies, micro greens, seeds so we’ve got some brain food to have a positive & productive day. This is also really important for nourishing your skin.

I hope these simple ideas help you begin to navigate lockdown again, for more tips like these you can join my newsletter were I cover the 5 pillars to radiant skin each week, working to rebalance the body its full of useful information you can implement immediately.

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