Sometime in the wonderful time pre lockdown I had the most wonderful introduction to Jo Fairley one of the most inspiring, wonderful women I’ve had the great fortune to meet along this journey. I would really recommend listening to the desert island disc in which she is interviewed all about Green & Blacks, Beauty Bible, wellness and all things in between. There is also ‘Your Dream Life Podcast’ Which is a lovely listen. This week I wanted to share an interview I did for Beauty Bible on my seven secrets of wellbeing with some new additions. As you know I’m a firm believer that skin health, mental health and physical health all go hand in hand. So here they are:

1. Surround yourself with people that light you up.

I am a big believer in energy, in checking in on my own energy and being mindful of the energy surrounding me. I feel blessed to have some beautiful friends and family in my life who make me smile, make me grow and raise my energy vibrations. There’s a great book by Christiane Northrup called Dodging Energy Vampires. Definitely one to read if you feel like you’re easily affected by other people’s negativity. I listened to it on audible and loved it. There are also a lot of things you can do to help protect your energy and move along stagnant energy. Sound Healing, Reiki & Breathwork to name a few.

2.  I rely on Functional Medicine to keep me well.

I’m blessed that my partner is both a physiotherapist, kinesiologist and a functional medicine practitioner. I believe in keeping my body in a state of health rather than waiting until it’s in a state of dis-ease. Prevention is greater than the cure, if possible. Muscle testing has had a dramatic effect on my body and my life; it’s reconnected me with what my body is trying to tell me. I try and balance my body through diet, but muscle testing has helped me to find the cause of a lot of my symptoms which I developed during childhood and ultimately fix them. Now I have a first aid kit of whole food herbs and supplements which I love!

3.  My daily obsession is my Kyushi Adaptogenic Cacao blend.

I started drinking this about two years ago. When I’m working, I start my day with it I feel like it wakes my brain my up and gives me all the good feels, I mean who doesn’t like to start the day with hot chocolate. Its filled with all the good fats, cacao, adaptogens and herbs and spices. You can find the recipe here.

4.  Sleep is a gift.

Having worked in the film industry for 10 years now, I’ve basically been robbed of sleep for that long. So, when I can sleep I cherish it; I will happily go to bed at 8pm if I need to and sleep for as long as possible. Living out of hotel rooms made me appreciate simple things like pillows; I now travel with a pillow I love and some silk pillowcases – it sounds OTT but honestly the little home comforts make life on the road so much nicer. Using a silk pillowcase made a noticeable difference to my hair and skin on waking for sure, and it stays cool – win-win.

5. Look after your skin.

My mum always had a cleansing ritual and looked after her skin which I think rubbed off on me. I started going for facials in my early teens; I worked in a coffee shop from the age of 13 and that’s what I chose to spend my money on – and things haven’t really changed since then! I have an amazing facialist – Natalie at Figure & Face Clinic in West Hampstead, who I’ve seen for years now, I book in as soon as I get back to the UK and she’s a miracle worker. In between these sessions I have a very strict routine, I double cleanse at night with an oil cleanser warm water and a face cloth, and I don’t cleanse in the morning just straight on with my face oils normally KyushiChamomile & Helichysum. It’s not a complicated routine; I throw in some actives as and when needed, but I like to stay as streamlined and simple as I can.

6. Get outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine whenever you can.

I feel very lucky that I grew up on a farm in the countryside; when I was little I would sit in the tractor while my dad and grandad cut cauliflowers and cabbages. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy life but it gave me the freedom to play outdoors and enjoy my childhood. I feel grateful that the films I work on now are mostly filmed outside rather than on a sound stage in a studio, so although the hours are long, I’m getting the benefits of sunshine and fresh air. There’s a lot to be said for getting outdoors, its free, it’s good for our bodies and I can’t recommend it enough. Just by looking at the shapes in nature it helps to put our bodies into rest and digest. If you want to learn more have a look into something called forest bathing. Its fascinating.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Stress is quickly becoming the reason for systemic inflammation across the country and with good reason were surrounded by micro stressors from the moment our alarm goes off and we start scrolling in the morning to setting our alarm at nighttime. I love a bit of CBD oil to help calm my nervous system – George and Mae OrangeCBD Oils are my personal favourites. Breathing is something I try and consciously do, proper deep belly breathing, as I recommend in the Kyushi ritual. I can get quite anxious and nervous and deep breathing really helps me. However much I worry or panic, my fiancé and my dad always respond with: ‘But you always do great. And it will be OK.’

And I’ve learnt over the years that it