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  • Complete Face Oil Set

    How To Use: We recommend using three drops, but use however much feels right to you. Drop the oil into your hand, rub hands together gently, cup hands over the nose and inhale deeply three times, in through the nose and out through the nose. You should feel your stomach move up and down. This oxygenates your body, giving all your cells the crucial oxygen it needs to regenerate and puts your body into rest and digest - your healing nervous system. Then apply to your face, neck, and lips in sweeping upwards motions. This will deliver the essential oils topically into your cells whilst nourishing your skin with its plant-based properties. The Discovery Set: Great for: Whether you’re travelling, gifting or just wanting to try, this is the perfect set of minis. • 10ml Orange & Neroli • 10ml Chamomile & Helichrysum • 10ml Jasmine, Lavender & Cederwood • 10ml Power of Ten
    The Complete Set Great for:This set includes everything you need for mornings, evenings, daytimes, and sensitive skin days. Take complete control of your skin with the Kyūshi face oil range. • 30ml Orange & Neroli Face Oil • 30ml Chamomile & Helichrysum • 30ml Jasmine, Lavender & Cederwood • 30ml Power of Ten