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Open letter

“Kyūshi – Is a Japanese word meaning ‘pause’. Its deeper meaning is influenced by the Japanese culture of focusing on one action at a time and giving it your absolute full attention, Kyūshi establishes a ritual, a moment of peace in a world of chaos.”

Kyūshi is a combination of powerful essential oils and plant oils. It is without unnecessary padding ingredients and is free from parabens, minerals, sulphates or silicones. Every ingredient has an explained purpose and we are completely transparent in their use. I wanted Kyushi to empower people to take charge of their skin. Our skin is constantly changing, affected by lifestyle, food, climate and age. Sometimes it needs a helping hand and sometimes it just needs maintaining. Kyūshi allows you to use the same products all year around, boosting each product when you need to. For maintaining, supporting and boosting beautiful glowing skin you would use Orange and Neroli or Jasmine, Lavender and Cedarwood. To give your skin a helping hand you would use Chamomile & Helichrysum and The Power of Ten. But these are merely guidelines; you have total control. If you feel that the scent free Power of Ten works for you morning and night, seven days a week all year round then that’s what you should use. Listen to your body, that is the key to creating a healthy body and beautiful skin.

The application of Kyūshi really is as important as the product itself. When I learned that it only takes 21 minutes for the properties of essential oils to reach every cell of the body, I knew that I wanted to share this with people. Frankincense is especially powerful as an anti-inflammatory agent and has a compound called beta elemene. Research suggests that beta elemene has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and is being heavily researched for use against cancer. Anything that helps fight inflammation in the body is something I wanted to use in the face oils. Sweet orange essential oil is a natural anti-depressant and improves immune function whilst jasmine helps with insomnia, balances hormones and relieves anxiety. I recommend you use three drops, but use however much feels right to you. Place the oil into your hand, cup hands over the nose and inhale deeply three times, in through the nose and out through the mouth. You should feel your stomach move up and down. This oxygenates your body, giving all your cells the crucial oxygen it needs to regenerate. Then apply to your face, neck and lips. This will deliver the essential oils topically into your cells whilst nourishing your skin with its plant-based properties.


As a makeup artist I wanted to create an oil that didn’t leave the skin oily and shiny, but hydrated and healthy. It creates a lovely base under makeup and can be mixed with concealer and foundation to create a tinted moisturiser. It’s a great pick me up to refresh old dried makeup later on in the day.

Having spent my childhood on a farm in the countryside, I’ve always had a strong connection to nature. Now, having lived in London for 10 years working as a hair and makeup artist in the film industry, I have developed a strong passion for creating a healthy mind and body on which the skin can thrive. City-life and life in general can be hectic, challenging and stressful. I wanted to create skincare that married together properties from aromatherapy and plant-based oils to create a daily ritual, to feed and nourish the mind, body and skin. I strongly believe that without a healthy body you will struggle to have healthy skin. Beauty really does start from within.

Having developed chronic candida and perioral dermatitis, I started out on my wellness mission to eat, drink and live as as clean as possible. It was my skin that gave me the warning signs to stop, to slow down and to re-evaluate how I was looking after my body. Whilst treating my body from the inside-out and learning about nutrition, I also tried every product on the market, no matter the ingredients or where they came from; if it said it could help then I would try it. I got fed up with not understanding labels and wanted to learn more, not only for myself but for my clients, too. This lead to the study of skin and skincare formulation and eventually to creating Kyūshi.

If you have any questions or need advice please do get in touch. I want to be there to support your empowering skincare journey.

I hope you enjoy Kyushi oils as much as I do,


Alice x