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4:05 pm 01, 2021

Kyushi Red Light Therapy

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The absolute must have facial tool to retain skin health and balance. This is my ABSOLUTE go to tool for herself and clients. With consistent daily use of 8 - 12 minutes you will see an increase of collagen production which greatly improves elasticity, decreases fine lines and wrinkles. The skins ability to retain hydration is greatly improved means it appears fuller, smoother and the tone more even. Great for any skin type, helping to

3:31 pm 01, 2021

Lockdown Skin

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After almost a year in yoyo lockdown how is it really affecting our skin? Three factors Ive been coming up against time and time again with clients skin journeys are: Stress The number one factor for causing us a multitude of problems internally resulting in unbalanced skin externally. If like me you really hate the feeling of the unknown and that alone stresses you out its such a tricky one to manage here a my

5:22 pm 01, 2021

Bathtime Rituals

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Having a bath is such a simple act of self care, by simply emersing yourself in water you are instantly grounding your body and reconnecting to the earth. Which in itself is very balancing for the body. There are a few simple things you can do to increase the healing potential of your bath time. My partner has his bath so hot I'm not sure how he doesn't boil, personally I love a warm bath

2:48 pm 12, 2020

Reflecting, Relaxing & Releasing

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With the last few moments of 2020 upon us how are you feeling? As the year ends we all naturally start to reflect and plan for the year ahead. After this year it's so easy to focus on all the negatives, but I wanted to share a few positives. Some discoveries, some new loves, and a few things you can do to help find the magic in the darkness. First things first you'll need a