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11:00 am 10, 2020

Is Mindfulness an Antidote for Perfectionism?

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You may have noticed that Kyushi Skincare has been coined ‘Mindful Skincare’ which I love. I love the idea that you can nourish your external along with the inner workings of the mind. Mindfulness has been a bit of a buzzword for a few years now and whilst its been thrown around as something we should all be practicing you may be wondering what actually is it, and how do we do it? What is

7:33 pm 09, 2020

How to Look After Your Skin When You’re Short On Time

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For this weeks mindful moment I handed over the reigns to my wonderful hair & makeup assistant Kiloh for a different  perspective, we are working on the road together, we have different skin types, preferences and opinions, I learn as much if not more from her as she does me. I love being able to share this with you, Thankyou so much for writing this for us Kiloh. I hope you all Enjoy x  

10:01 am 09, 2020

What if Skin Problems are not problems at all? What if they are solutions to things like stagnation, slow toxin elimination, a compromised skin barrier or stuck emotions. 

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As I sit here, back on a makeup trailer, sitting in front of a mirror, in fluorescent lighting, recirculated air and a cute liberty print face mask. I am like most of us scrutinising my skin, the dark circles under my eyes, the breakout on my chin wondering where my lockdown glowy face has gone. Firstly I want to acknowledge that anyone who says Skin Health has no effect on mental health is perhaps telling

5:51 am 09, 2020

How Do You Know if Your Consuming Too Much Salt For Optimum Skin Health?

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Have you noticed that if you have a takeaway or maybe you just go to a restaurant for dinner that you wake up with a slightly puffy face. Maybe your under eyes are swollen? Your skin looks like you've just trekked through a windy desert So What is a Common Culprit? Consuming too much Salt. Salt is often found added to processed foods as its not only used for flavour but a preservative to extend