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7:39 am 08, 2020

Maskne – Looking after Your Skin Underneath a Face Mask.

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Face Masks, helping to keep us safe but undoing all the good work were doing with our skincare routines. There’s no beating around the bush, they’re rubbish and my heart goes out to you all that have to wear hardcore surgical masks for work on a daily basis. I feel lucky I get to even have a choice and be able to navigate this the best way I know how. I feel your pain. I

6:28 pm 08, 2020

The Oil Cleansing Method – An Ancient Beauty Ritual from the East

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If you're on the oil cleansing train already yay, if not it can be a weird looking train from the outside. Its easier and quicker than you think and the benefits are glorious.  There is one crucial thing when it comes to using an oil cleanser: You must remove with a cloth, this isn’t a hop into the shower slather your face in foam and rinse kind of vibe. It takes the same amount of

6:35 am 07, 2020

Does Natural Sunscreen Really Work?

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Well Summer seems to be upon us, although I’m sat here snuggled up in a cardigan it’s suddenly freezing. As someone who suffered with heat rash as a child (literally every school photo I’m a red prickly heat mess) The combination of heat and humidity my body was not a fan of. Over the years luckily I’ve grown out of it. That is other than when I use a sunscreen with oxybenzone in and to

7:46 am 07, 2020

My 7 Secrets of Wellness

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Sometime in the wonderful time pre lockdown I had the most wonderful introduction to Jo Fairley one of the most inspiring, wonderful women I’ve had the great fortune to meet along this journey. I would really recommend listening to the desert island disc in which she is interviewed all about Green & Blacks, Beauty Bible, wellness and all things in between. There is also ‘Your Dream Life Podcast’ Which is a lovely listen. This week